Wednesday, October 27, 2010

By the Numbers

I wanted to share two impressive numbers from Sioux Trail.

The first number is 95.13%.  We completed our 2010 fall parent-teacher conferences last week and Sioux Trail teachers met with 95.13% of families.  This equals 374 successful conferences and goes a long way towards student success.  As I have written before student success is not going happen as well by one or two people, but will be more easily accomplished by many of us working together.  I call this "the triangle of success" and the triangle is composed of three groups (the student, parents / guardians and school staff) working in tandem towards the goal of increased student achievement.  At our fall conferences teachers focused on reviewing student data and setting goals for improvement and identifying the roles of three sides of "the triangle of success".  Thank you for being an active participant in our work towards student success.

The second number is $10,900.  $10,900 is the first total of money raised for Sioux Trail from our fall PTO organized fundraiser and it will only get larger as online orders are finalized. The order pick-up was at Sioux Trail on Tuesday, October 26 from 3-6pm and the fund-raiser liaison from the Chippe Shoppe (Denise) commented that she had never seen a pick-up go as well as ours did.   Thank you to everyone who participated in this fundraiser and made it the wonderful success that it was. The PTO will decide how to spend the money, but you can be guaranteed that it will directed towards one group - Sioux Trail students.  If you want to have input on how the money is spent please join us at a Sioux Trail PTO meeting.  The next meeting is on Thursday, October 28 at 6:30 pm in the Sioux Trail Media Center. Thank you for your ongoing support.  The photo is of students who received the reward of a lunch in a limo.

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