Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boston Tea Party

The fifth grade students in Mrs. Laatsch's classroom put on a play Friday morning. The play is the "Boston Tea Party - the day Boston Harbor turned into a giant teapot" This is a great example of on engaging assignment that all students participated in. The students did a wonderful job of learning their parts, learning the background information and then taking the learning to the next level.

Pennies for Patients

On January 26 the Sioux Trail Student Council joined the annual Pennies for Patients Drive. Sioux Trail students have participated in this event on a regular basis and this year they are breaking all of the rules! Last year the students at Sioux Trail raised $700 for Pennies for Patients. This year the goal was set at $1000.

From the start of Pennies for Patients drive on January 26 the collections were off to a good start. Mrs. Enberg and Mr. Kleven are the student council advisors and they worked with the students to set up several themes and events to help make the collection visible and exciting. Each day of the week has a demonination associated with it and students are encourage to bring in coins on these days. Of course the drive isn't limited to pennies and any demonination is welcome.

Monday - Pennies
Tuesday - Nickels
Wednesday - Dimes
Thursday - Quarters
Friday - Dollar bills

Another new feature to the Pennies for Patients drive is in the photo above. On the last day of the drive, February 12, a special guest will visit the school to bring a gift to every student. The photo shows the puzzle in the window of the media center. For each $100 that is donated a puzzle piece and clue related to our special guest goes up in the window. At the the end of day on Friday there were 9 puzzle pieces up along with 9 clues. When a student makes a donation (of any amount) they may also submit a guess as to who the special guest is. Five winners will be drawn and they will receive a one time use "no homework" pass.

There was great energy in the atmosphere at the end of the day on Friday - we are only one week into the three week drive and we're $100 shy of the $1000 goal! Watch for trivia questions about the penny during the first week of February.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Music Concert

This posting is very overdue. Sioux Trail has been a very busy place since winter break. I apologize for the delay in posting a new blog entry.

On January 13 we held our annual music concert. Both the choir and the Sioux Trail band performed. The video is a shot of both groups performing the Sioux Trail Rouser - those with any connection to the University of Minnesota will recognize the song, which we changed the lyrics for. Go PANTHERS!

Congratulations to all of the students in Grades four, five and six that participated in this terrific performance. Your hard work and dedication is evident.