Friday, August 10, 2012

Safe Routes to School

Shadow and the construction crew from Barber construction have been hard at work increasing options for students to safely travel to and from Sioux Trail.  This week there have been construction crews working on three improvements to Sioux Trail.

When they are finished we will have a new path that connects Sioux Trail with the path that parallels Highway 13.  This will create a safe route for students and families to use that keeps people off of roadways.  Sioux Trail staff will be working with students and families to make them aware of this resource.

The second project is less visible, but it will be noticeable in the spring. A drainage tube was added underneath the blacktop with drains that will pull water way from the bike rack area.  In previous springs this area would have large puddles of water and it was difficult to navigate this area with bicycles.

The third project will be along River Hills Drive.  New cross walk signs with LED lights will be installed.  The signs will remind drivers along River Hills Drive to watch for pedestrians and we are hopeful that the yellow LED lights draw extra attention to the crosswalks.

All of these projects are made possible through a Safe routes to School grant from the State of Minnesota.  Staff from the City of Burnsville have partnered with us and have facilitated all of the behind-the-scenes work that is making this possible and we are thankful for their support and guidance.