Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Pencils

When I was hired as the principal at Sioux Trail Elementary School I wanted to share my excitement with all of the staff and students. I did this by purchasing pencils with the statement "Proud to be a Panther" I am still very proud to be a Panther, but that original set of pencils I brought with me are almost gone. I can't believe they have lasted this long (over three years!). The pencils are given away to student, staff or anyone else that can use one.

I'm seeking ideas for what is written on the new set of pencils that I order.

    * The ideas should be related to Sioux Trail Elementary School
    * The message should be positive
    * The message needs to be a single line and fit on a pencil
I will collect the ideas and then post a survey on the Panther Pages blog.

There are some choices you can choose from, or better yet, write your idea!

Thank you,
Mr. Akin
The form has some ideas, but I really want to get some original ideas.  I'll collect the ideas and set up a survey to vote for the best ones.

Got an idea? Please go to: New Pencil Ideas

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