Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Day Made Better

Yesterday at 10:20 a small group of adults interrupted Miss Mulvahill's 4th grade classroom to deliver good news!  Katie was the recipient of approximately $1,000 in classroom office supplies.  The photos that are included with the blog do a job highlighting the some of the supplies that were donated by Office Max and the chair was one of the items.  The box included items like a camera, scissors, computer software, tape, post-its chalk, pencils, paper and many other wonderful items. 

Anyone can nominate a deserving teacher and Office Max makes the donations to recognize the large amount of money that individual teachers invest in their own classrooms.  The organizers hope that over time they will be able to provide adequate supplies so that teachers do not have to purchase classroom supplies out of their own pockets.The nominations are made through the Adopt a Classroom organization at:

Katie was nominated because as a new teacher she doesn't have the same level of materials an experienced teacher has access to.  Katie is a dedicated and hard working teacher with the natural ability to gain the respect of her student and push them to their full ability. Congratulations Katie!


Kari said...

Congrats to Miss Mulvahill and a big thanks to Office Max!

LISA said...

Contratulations Katie!!

Sounds like you received some great "stuff" - have Fun!

What a wonderful class picture too!! Lisa J.