Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Shadow!

Shadow celebrated his 2nd birthday on January 29. Shadow originally arrived after Sioux Trail students named the panther, which is our school mascot. With the help of folks at Lakeville North High School (they are also "The Panthers" and they also have red and black as their school colors) a full sized Shadow arrived to be a part of the Naming Ceremony. I joined the Sioux Trail community shortly after the Naming Ceremony and Shadow was all the buzz. At a PTO meeting Mr. Glende shared an idea as to how Sioux Trail could have our very own full sized Shadow. The idea was an instant hit and Sioux Trail now has it's very own full sized panther! Shadow emerges from his cat cave and makes appearances at a wide variety of Sioux Trail events - his most recent event was for the I love to Read month kickoff on February 1. This year I love to Read Month has an Olympics theme and Shadow brought in the torch to get us fired up. He is very popular with students and the investment has paid for itself many times over.

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