Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Road Construction

It appears that there is an ominous connection between Sioux Trail and water pipes. Several years ago, the pipes inside the building broke. The water main on River Hills Drive broke as well and then a leak was discovered this morning. ISD 191 maintenance staff, along with crews from the City of Burnsville responded right away and assessed the situation. Based on the amount of water flowing from the ground it was determined that there was a leak not a broken pipe and repairs could be postponed until after school was over. The pipe leaked throughout the day and contractors were outside of Sioux Trail by early afternoon waiting for dismissal. After the students left the water was shut off and contractors had located and repaired the cracked pipe by 4:30. I know that several students were hoping for a day off of school, but with the help of city crews and the contractors the pipe is fixed and were ready another great day at Sioux Trail.

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