Sunday, March 21, 2010


I hope no one filed a missing persons report! On Friday I absconded with two of our "wooden guys". Sioux Trail has four of these creations and they are wonderful tools. We've used them for a wide-variety of things, from helping display lost clothing, promoting the food sold during carnival and welcoming students back to school. I don't know who made them, but they become an invaluable part of Sioux Trail.

This weekend I brought one home (the blue guy) because the base had broken off and it could no longer be repaired. I am rebuilding the base and then it will get a new coat of paint. In order to rebuild the base I had to borrow another wooden guy to get the correct dimensions. I'm not sure how to describe this color, it is probably what Crayola used to color "flesh-tone", but that refers to my skin color. The second wooden guy needs a new coat of paint as something blue had been spilled or sprayed on it and looked a little tired.

Rehab will be done soon and there will only be two more "wooden-guys" who need a little TLC. If you'd like to adopt one and give it a fresh coat of paint please let me know!

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