Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Clean Up

Yesterday (Saturday, September 19) we hosted the second annual Sioux Trail school clean up event. The number of participants was smaller than our group last year, but we were just as successful. One of our first grade students was in charge if the sign in sheet and she counted at least 35 people! The primary focus was weeding and we added some plastic edging around the air conditioning unit.

What I get excited about is that parents, students and staff truly own Sioux Trail. It is our school and this is demonstrated by the willingness to give up part of a Saturday to come in and take care of our school. In addition to owning the outside of the school we ALL need to own what happens inside the school. We need more volunteers inside the school, if you can help our volunteer coordinator can match you with the right opportunity. Please continue to pass the good word about Sioux Trail and please let me know about areas where you think change should take place.
Thank you to everyone that participated.

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