Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to School Speech

Thanks to all of the families that have called or emailed with questions about the president's welcome back to school speech. The first day of school at Sioux Trail will not involve watching President Obama's speech. We will be orienting all students to Sioux Trail and getting another successful year off of the ground.

Personally, I look forward to hearing what the President has to say about education, because he will set the rules for our work with students much like President Bush with No Child Left Behind. The No Child Left Behind Law has a large impact on what we do and now that Sioux Trail has been identified as not making AYP it will have an even greater impact. I'm curious to see what is next and I will read or watch the speech on Tuesday after school.

Some classrooms at Sioux Trail may share the speech later in the week (if it fits with their instruction), but parents will be notified before hand. Please contact me or your child's classroom teacher directly with questions or concerns. Additionally please watch for a "first day of school" post and keeping telling other Sioux Trail families about Panther Pages.

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nvonhorn said...

Thanks for all the great updates Taber!
Hope the first day was a success!