Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

My Dad and his wife are traveling from their home state of Maine to Alaska and back over the course of this summer and blogging the entire trip. They are using Wifi spots in camp grounds, boosktores, McDonald's or anywhere else they can find free wireless access. They had a "layover" in Minnesota on the way west and we helped them get set up on blogger. Getting them set up as well as reading blogs made me wonder if this could be applied at the school level.

On Sunday I saw a long time friend and former co-worker who is now teaching pre-schoolers at an International School in Korea. They wanted her to stay in touch over the summer so she is blogging with them. The connection is pretty simple, but I thought, why not try this at Sioux Trail? I could use the blog in addition to weekly newsletters, but this would be a place to share notes, musings and items of a less formal nature than what we publish in Sioux Trail Touches Home.

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The Cozy Campers said...

Hello Son from beautiful downtown Talkneetna, we just stumbled on to your blog.(copy cat)Please mention to Beth we are getting low on tootsie pops. Great blog idea!!!Love from the cozy campers.