Friday, August 12, 2011

River Hills Elementary School

The Sioux Trail Cafeteria is getting a facelift and the serving line is being retrofitted.  As part of this the roll-up (or roll-down) door that separated the kitchen from the cafeteria is being replaced.  The previous door was installed when Sioux Trail was built around 1964.  When the contractors removed the old door assembly there was a surprise.  Sioux Trail wasn't always "Sioux Trail Elementary School".

Hopefully, you can see from the photograph that the name was "River Hills Elementary School" at one time.  I had heard rumors that the name wasn't always Sioux Trail, but I hadn't seen anything to verify the rumor.  Now the rumor has been verified.  

The school is named for the trail (now Highway 13) used by the local Dakota people (historically known as the Sioux) as they moved along the Minnesota River from village to village or to the confluence of the Minnesota River and Mississippi River and Fort Snelling.

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