Monday, October 20, 2008

Fire Safety

Burnsville firefighters visited Sioux Trail today and met with students in Kindergarten, Grade Two and Grade Four. Firefighter Brian is reviewing his turnout gear with kindergartners and going over the various parts, what they do and why he wears it.

Daylight savings time is coming up soon and this is a great time to check your smoke detectors and replace batteries. Unlike a remote control or other battery operated appliance you don't want to wait until your smoke detector batteries are dead before replacing them. Firefighters recommend testing your smoke detectors once a month and replacing the batteries when you reset your clock (Daylight Savings Time).

We have at least five fire drills each year at school. Families should also have fire drills at home. Practice makes perfect and when there is an emergency you do not want to waste time getting out of your home. Create your plan, set a meeting place for everyone when they get outside and then practice it.After chatting with firefighters in the media center the students got a chance to visit the fire engine and and an ambulance. I thought this was a great photo, because it captured the truck, Sioux Trail and the students. When I looked closer I noticed that three of the firefighters are leaning on the fence, no they aren't taking a break, they are cheering on Firefighter Brian (the guy in the turn out gear) as he runs laps with students. Another great role model at Sioux Trail!

Here is a great web resource for more information on fire prevention:

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