Sunday, October 12, 2008

The art of teaching

This is but one example of the incredible work that takes place at Sioux Trail. Teaching isn't easy and takes a lot of work in order to engage all learners and it is an ongoing challenge to make that learning exciting. Here is an excellent example of how great teachers pull all of these things together.

The photographs are from the first grade Dinosaur Dig which involved learning on many different levels. The first graders started the lesson with an expert in paleontology. While the students were learning the basics the set up was taking place outside. Several volunteers were burying "dinosaur bones" and setting up the dig site. After the first graders knew how to properly work the dig site they set out in small teams to conduct a dig. They worked meticulously using toothbrushes and trowels to unearth the mysteries from another time (even if it was just minutes ago). After they had a collection of bones they assembled them to form the animal that may have been there, drew it and wrote about it as a team.

I captured one example, but there are many others taking place at Sioux Trail.

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E and H said...

I loved the dino dig! We discovered a dinosaur in an exploration site. It was a triceritops. We enjoyed putting together our dino. We all had a good time.

Bye, Sioux Trail Palentologists in First Grade

- Emma, 1st grade, Mrs. H's class