Saturday, August 9, 2008

September 20

These smiling faces belong to some of the members of the final summer meeting of the environmental club. We re-scheduled the July meeting because of rain and met on Thursday, August 7. The transformation is amazing. We began work along the front of the school near the first grade classrooms and I noticed the biggest difference in cutting and then digging out the trash trees that have planted themselves there.

September 20 is the Sioux Trail Clean up event and I am optimistic that we will have a high turnout from members of the Sioux trail community. My hope is that there are enough folks to get all of the clean up completed and then make fine tuning the landscaping a regular thing.

Like the smiling faces in the photograph we will have fuel to keep the work crews going.

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pintozzifamily said...

The Pintozzi's are in; especially since we missed summer environmental club.