Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Day Pt 1

I suspect that there will be two "first days of school" for me. Tomorrow is first day Part 1. Monday is the first day for all ISD 191 staff to return and will be an exciting day for me. This marks the official beginning of my first school year as an elementary school principal. I'm very excited to start the school year.

Dr .Geneva Gay is the keynote presenter at the all staff meeting. Dr. Clegg will also be addressing the group and we're in a similar spot as as this also the start of his first school year in ISD 191. I believe Dr. Clegg is going to set the tone for the school year and that Dr. Gay is going to emphasize the work we must continue to do with our student population.

First day part two is when the life of the school return and the 410 students that are enrolled at Sioux Trail come back into the classrooms. I'm very excited about that and I hope I'm well rested!

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