Friday, September 21, 2012

Safe Routes to School

One of our most important missions at Sioux Trail is safety.  An important project between Sioux Trail Elementary School, the State of Minnesota; Department of Transportation and the city of Burnsville was finished this week.

The is project is focused on creating safe ways for students to get to Sioux Trail.  Over the summer a trail from the Highway 13 pathway was added that made it easier to ride "wheels" (bikes, roller blades, scooters etc) or walk to Sioux Trail.  With this new connecting pathway riders can stay off of River Hills Drive and stay on paths and sidewalks.  The final step of the project was done on Wednesday when two LED pedestrian signs were added along River Hills Drive.  The signs and the trail were completed with funding from a grant through the State of Minnesota; Department of Transportation.

The signs are reminders to drivers that students may be out in the crosswalks and to be extra careful.  The solar powered signs are programmed to have the yellow LED lights flash before and after school only on school days.  By doing this we hope to draw extra attention to the the fact that students may be out along the roadway and that drivers need to slow down and pay extra attention.

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