Friday, September 9, 2011

New Name!

Re-Naming Sioux Trail Touches Home:
Today is the first day that we're sending home our newsletter, Sioux Trail Touches Home. The name "Sioux Trail Touches Home" has been in place for several years and a small, but quiet movement has been growing for a new name that is a little catchier.  I'm hosting a contest for a new name for Sioux Trail Touches Home. The rules are very simple:
  • ·        Name must have a connection with Sioux Trail
  • ·        Ideas may be generated by staff, individuals, families or anyone else who is interested.
  • ·        I will narrow the list, get help from the Student Council and we may do a final vote.
Suggestions should be delivered to the office.  At this time there is no prize, but suggestions are welcome!  Have fun and bring on the creative ideas!

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