Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outdoor Updates

Assistant Superintendent Sandi Novak was at Sioux Trail at the end of May and she commented on the signs that were posted by the front entrance stating that the Envrionmental Club was doing some work and to keep watching for changes. Sandi said, "I keep watching, but nothing is changing!". Well now the changes are complete and I hope these changes continue to make Sioux Trail a warm welcoming place. The benches that were added were part of an Envrionmental Club project from several years ago. Three benches were added, one on either side of the main entrance and one by the parking lot door and the project is now complete. If you are in the neighborhood please stop by and make use of these great resting places.

Where is the flag? Another change the folks in the River Hills neighborhood have noticed and comented on is the disappearance of the stone flag. This was a school project in 2001 that Sioux Trail staff and students created. I made the decision to remove it because the paint was coming off of the rocks and some of the rocks had been moved or removed. We plan to seed the area and grow grass where the flag was. A resident called, spoke with Mrs. Cenci and told her he was sorry to se the flag go as it was one of the best things the school ever did and that if he knew we needed help taking care of it he would have helped. I'm glad that we have owenership of this wonderful school in our neighborhood and volunteers are always welcome - simple call or stop in and we'll happily use your talents!


jess bongaarts said...

Love the updates! I actually stumbled across the blog about four months ago and just love reading about the activities happening at the school and in the neighborhood.

Keep up the great work!
Jess Bongaarts

E and H said...

Emma & I love the Panther Pages - keep the updates coming!