Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ESL Family Night

This is a new event for Sioux Trail. Megan Gonzalez, ESL teacher, is responsible for the idea and for organizing the event. She recruited a terrific team of volunteers and the turn out was almost too many! Megan designed ESL Family Night as a way to bring in our ESL families, let them get more familiar with Sioux Trail and continue to build relationships with them. We had over 50 participants and the activities included bilingual bingo, Jenga, picture / shape bingo, concentration and a bean bag toss. Juice and cookies were available and there were lots of prizes for the winners of the various games. The Sioux Trail PTO supported the event with volunteers, food and prizes.

ESL family Night is not a one time event. The theme for next ESL Family Night is arts and crafts. This should be another great time to make connections and interact with one another.

Hats off to Mrs. Gonzalez for starting a terrific tradition at Sioux Trail.