Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Increased access to technology

Mr. Kleven asked his third grade class to join him for part of their lesson in room 216. Room 216 is being used a multi-purpose space this year. Mr. Kleven was using it because he wanted to share website on American Indians with the entire class. Thanks to a donation from our PTO this classroom is equipped with an LCD projector.

The third graders were collecting information on the different lifestyles of American Indians. Mr. Kleven was able to pull up webpages with information, share this with students and then let them engage in selecting what the appropriate type of shelter for each area would be.

At Sioux Trail we have LCD projectors in the following areas:
  • Media Center
  • Upstairs Computer Lab
  • Downstairs Computer Lab
  • Science classroom
  • Music Classroom
We have been able to increase teacher access to these important tools through help from the PTO, a grant from Glaskow, Smith, Kline (through one of our parents) and money budgeted for capital expenditures.

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