Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It looks GREAT!



Without question the best way to appreciate the change in the appearance of Sioux Trail is to come visit and take a look for yourself. We had a team of approximately 70 very hard workers who made an almost magical transformation. One of the most impressive things was how well all of the pieces came together. We laid out the basic plan to all that were present at 2pm and everyone jumped right into the work. Each participant found their niche and within a couple of hours all of the unwanted plants were gone, lots of plants we do want had been transplanted, the edging had been re-positioned and many volunteers were enjoying a hot dog.

Thank you to all the worked ahead of time to make this possible, thank you to those that we able to work on Saturday and thanks to those that continue to work behind the scenes after the event. A special note of thanks is due to Waste Management for donating the dumpster and to Robin Pintozzi for filling out the application and making all of the dumpster related arrangements.

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